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Getting Started (Publishers)


This guide is for publishers looking to add ServerBid to their Prebid.js wrapper.

How ServerBid Works with Prebid.js

  1. Prebid.js makes a request to ServerBid, who then makes a request to an exchange. This is recorded as a Request.

  2. If the exchange responds with a bid, that bid competes in a ServerBid auction against bids from other exchanges and is tracked as a Bid.

  3. If the bid wins the ServerBid auction, ServerBid returns the ad to Prebid.js.

  4. If the ad wins, Prebid.js sends it to your ad server.

  5. If your ad server renders the ad, it’s recorded as an Impression.

  6. Data is then viewable in the ServerBid reporting app (TBA) 

Integration Process

  1. Contact to get your ServerBid networkId and siteId.
  2. Register a new bidder for ServerBid in Prebid.js. See below.
  3. Use the bidder of serverbid.
  4. For params, add your networkId and siteId.
  5. Contact support once you’ve updated your Prebid.js.

Using the ServerBid Prebid.js Adapter

To integrate a new bidder into your Prebid.js setup, refer to the Prebid.js documentation for registering bidders.

Here is a sampleadUnits object that makes bids to ServerBid for the placement:

var adUnits = [{
        code: 'div-gpt-ad-1460505748561-0',
        sizes: [[300, 250], [300,600]],
        bids: [{
            bidder: 'serverbid',
            params: {
               networkId: '1234',
               siteId: '12345'

Use the params below to configure ServerBid in Prebid.js. The biddercode is serverbid. Note that ServerBid doesn’t use tagIds.



Network ID from ServerBid



Site ID from ServerBid


The ServerBid adapter itself is available via the Prebid.js project. The latest version of the adapter is available in their repo.

Enabling SmartSync

SmartSync syncs a user's data with all partners associated with your ServerBid account before making a bid request to those partners, thus minimizing ramp period and ensuring maximum fill rate.

To get started with SmartSync:

  1. Let your ServerBid account manager know that you want SmartSync for your account. We will need to make configuration changes on our end.
  2. Once those changes are complete, you will need to update your prebid.js request to set window.SMARTSYNC = true. Example below:
    var PREBID_TIMEOUT  = 1700;
    var SMARTSYNC       = true;
    var adUnits = ...

A complete example of the prebid.js adapter with SmartSync is available in Github.

Have questions? Email us at

Getting Started (Publishers)